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Esrum Abbey & Møllegård

Who we are

We are a cultural-history-based experiential attraction in North Zealand

Esrum Abbey houses various exhibitions about the Cistercian order and the powerful status of the abbey during the Middle Ages. Møllegården consists of a café, an abbey shop and a watermill. Esrum Abbey & Møllegård is home to the Kilden Foundation, a socio-economic enterprise, and the head office of the Royal North Zealand National Park.

Our vision

The vision of Esrum Abbey & Møllegård is to be a place for everyone – a place where cultural heritage and nature experiences merge. We preserve and mediate the cultural and natural heritage of the site: its buildings, nature and landscape. We create experiences that make an impact on our visitors – experiences that relate to social structure and power structures, human existence and natural resources. Together with partners and volunteers, we offer a programme of experiences throughout the year – on regular weekdays, during school holidays and in the lead up to Easter, Christmas etc.

Three themes

The abbey was a centre of power for both the Cistercian order and the royal family. Within the abbey, the monks devoted their lives to religion, while nature played a crucial role for everyone who ever lived there. So, social structure and balance of power, human existence and natural resources are the focus of all experiences at Esrum Abbey & Møllegård today.

Human existence

Social structures and the balance of power

Nature’s resources

Our aim