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Join a community with others who share your passion.

Are you fascinated by the watermill, the special varieties in the monastery garden or are you passionate about giving others a great experience?

What is volunteering at Esrum Kloster & Møllegård?

In order to offer our guests all the experiences we have in our annual program, we need help from other monastery enthusiasts. At Esrum Kloster & Møllegård, we especially need help during our big events to maintain a well-kept monastery garden and keep our watermill running.

Who are the volunteers

You can meet other like-minded volunteers who share your passion, whether it’s for the history, the craftsmanship or the community that develops among volunteers and staff.

We have volunteers of all ages and the joint meetings and workdays are planned to suit each team.

Garden group

The Mill Guild

Event hosts

Meaningful memories, community and volunteering