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The Royal North Zealand National Park

The Royal North Zealand National Park

The monks loved it. The king loved it. And we love it too: the nature of North Zealand.

Esrum Abbey & Møllegård has a very special connection to the diverse nature and wildlife that surround the area. So, we are immensely proud to be located in the very heart of the Royal North Zealand National Park. Come and explore the national park on our doorstop!


The Royal North Zealand National Park is the second largest national park in Denmark. The park’s vast 263-kilometre area features an extensive and diverse range of nature: lakes, woods, salt meadows, dunes, limestone pastures and marshes. The national park is also home to Gribskov, one of the biggest forests in Denmark, and the country’s two largest lakes – Arresø and Esrum Lake.


The Royal North Zealand National Park also contains a number of cultural gems in the shape of castles, monasteries and castle ruins – including Esrum Abbey & Møllegård – and two UNESCO World Heritage sites: Kronborg Castle and the Par Force Hunting Landscape in North Zealand.

Discover the national park from Esrum Abbey & Møllegård

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