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The special days you’ll never forget

All events – whether big or small – deserve to be celebrated in a wonderful setting with people you care about.

At Esrum Kloster & Møllegård, there is room for moments both big and small: from granny’s 70th birthday party or a company lunch to a small group outing with friends. Whatever the event, we can provide the perfect setting for your very special day.

Because celebration matters

Celebrating the most important people in our lives with a party, colours, laughter and good food gives us some of life’s most fun moments. Milestone birthdays, an inspiration day for an association, a dinner with colleagues become special occasions – occasions we regard as sacred.

That extra something

We can also help you turn your special day into something unforgettable. Invite your guests to join a guided tour to hear the abbey’s countless stories or learn all about the herbs in the abbey garden and taste some samples. All your guests will also receive a free ticket to the exhibition in the abbey.

Food and beverages

That extra special touch

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Let us help you

Life's big moments should be celebrated with people we care about